The Packages

  1. Personal yoga classes
    Personal yoga classes
    A minimum of 4 personalised classes*
  2. Wellbeing Tips
    Wellbeing Tips
    Wellbeing tips for good health, less stress and more joy!
  3. Consultations
    Consultations to tailor the sessions specifically for your dreams
  4. Home Practice
    Home Practice
    A Dru Yoga CD to match your program


A 30 minute consultation to tailor the sessions specifically for you
Your sessions are designed to suit your dreams and aspirations for a wonderful wedding day.. We will match them to your physical capabilities so there is no prior experience or fitness level required
Tailor your classes
Choose from these focus areas:
Posture and poise
Voice projection and confidence
Calm and steadiness
Wellbeing & vitality
Joy & happiness
Or a focus of your own design
Length & Location
Your sessions will vary depending on what suits you, standard times are:
Yoga session 1 hour and 15 mins.
Consultations 30 mins
Sessions can be held at your home or location of your choice.
Extra classes
Extra classes can be booked and group classes for Bridal Parties, His & Hers are also available

Charitable giving
10% of your investment will go to the World Peace Flame (WPF) organisation (see the Giving page for more info), you can also choose to make a personal contribution or have the WPF on your gift register
Experience and learn:
  • Flowing Dru Yoga sequences and postures
  • Restorative and rejuvenating relaxation
  • Breath work for centering and calming
  • Health and wellbeing tips to support you in the lead up to your wedding day
Vibrant- access more energy from within to help sustain you through the busy days, keeping you feeling positive and fresh
Confident- connect with your intuition more readily to be able to make strong, clear decisions that you can trust
Relaxed- learn how to completely and quickly relax your mind and nervous system so that you can stay on top of the game physically, mentally and emotionally
Gorgeous- create a dialogue with your body that helps you to look after yourself and shine out your natural beauty