The World Peace Flame

Peace starts within

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something and together we can change the world" Ronald j Sider

I love this quote! It is powerful, simple and so true.

And its a similar ethos that The World Peace Flame holds, their main message is that peace starts within, and that if we are truly going to create world peace, then it is the responsibility of each individual to create peace within themselves. And this is exactly what practicing yoga is about too!

The World Peace Flame is a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration.

In 1999 seven flames were lit around the world and united as one eternal flame- the World Peace Flame (WPF). From here the WPF has travelled back out into the world, into homes, schools, events, communities and places of significance.

It has been presented to children, peace makers, parliamentarians and celebrities, it has opened small and major events and has become the treasured friend of millions of people.

The WPF Foundation believe in the essential freedom of the human spirit to create peace at any time under any circumstances – a view endorsed by the millions of people who have lit The World Peace Flame as a symbol of this dream.

We aim to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace at every level.

The World Peace Flame in Australia

One of the seven original flames was lit here in Australia and the WPF has gone on to create its own presence here. Over the years it has been a part of many events, including Corroborree, the National Folk Festival, it has been presented at Parliament and monuments have been created. More recently the WPF has been presented to schools with a peace education package. The work of the WPF Foundation in Australia is growing and expanding, helping to bring the simple message that "Peace starts within" to 1000s regardless of their background or situation.

Take a look at one of many local World Peace Flame initiatives around Australia

Albury Wodonga World Peace Flame on Facebook

How you and Yoga for Brides can help

First of all, simply by participating in any of the  Yoga for Brides Diamond Packages we will gift 10% of the package fees to the World Peace Flame organisation here in Australia.
You can take this gesture further if you wish by offering to contribute a futher donation to the World Peace Flame, or including the World Peace Flame on your Gift Register.
Why not have the World Peace Flame as a witness to your great day, with your very own WPF Candle, we can even arrange WPF t-light candles as gifts for all your guests.

World Peace Flame Monument
Glebe Park Canberra