Yoga for Brides

a personalised yoga package
to prepare you for the big day

Firstly, Congratulations!
It's an exciting time & you want everything to go super smoothly,
so the best place to start is with YOU!
Yoga for brides is a personalised yoga package that will have you feeling:
  • Vibrant
  • Confident
  • Relaxed &
  • Gorgeous for your wedding day

  1. Consultation
    30 minute consultations to tailor the sessions specifically for you
  2. Wellbeing Tips
    Wellbeing Tips
    Wellbeing tips for good health, less stress and more joy!
  3. Personal Yoga Classes
    Personal Yoga Classes
    Personal yoga classes designed for your goals & for your ability
  4. Home Practices
    Home Practices
    A Dru Yoga CD to match your program and to help keep your practice going